Free Threat Intelligence Report for Cyberwire Listeners

What is Instant IntSights?

Our Instant IntSights report is a quick, risk-free way for you to find potential threats against your company and to see why companies trust IntSights to keep their company and employees safe.

Any advantage you can gain over your cyber adversaries is worth having. External threat intelligence can help you identify new cyber threats early, proactively defend against attacks that may be targeting your company, and reduce the risk of an adverse security event occurring.

With Instant IntSights you’ll have immediate visibility into how your organization is being targeted based on assessing your domain for threats that lurk across the clear, deep, and dark web.

Why are we offering this report?

IntSights’ mission is to Democratize Threat Intelligence.

Companies of all sizes benefit from threat intelligence.

How Does it Work?
IntSights uses your corporate email address to identify your domain. After researching the clear, deep, and dark web, we email you a link to your customized report within a few minutes. It will contain six-month running counts on the number of threats to your company relative to:

  • Phishing Sites

  • Leaked Credentials

  • Hacking Communities

  • Dark Web mentions

  • Paste Sites

About IntSights

The IntSights vision is to make external intelligence instantly accessible for organizations of any type or size by synthesizing complex signals captured from across the clear, deep, and dark web into contextualized, prioritized, and actionable intelligence.

Today, IntSights is trusted by many of the world’s largest companies to detect, analyze, and neutralize cyber threats across the clear, deep, and dark web. Our proprietary collection engine, expert analyst team, and asset-based intelligence methodology provide a complete solution for external threat protection.

"IntSights provides contextualized, actionable threat intelligence directly relevant to our organization. The intelligence is specific to our assets, rather than a particular vertical or community. They are extraordinarily responsive to their customers and provide great value for the money. We are extremely pleased with their solution."

Subject Matter Expert - Security and Risk Management

"Detecting brand impersonation, phishing, and counterfeit products is not only important but taking down such fraud before it could impact your Brand Reputation is also quite crucial for any organization. IntSights is consistently delivering us these services."

Senior Cyber Security Specialist

"IntSights provides my SOC with comprehensive protection and real-time threat intelligence from all over the Clear web and Dark web. It just gives the feeling someone is always watching your back."

SOC Analyst