What Rick is saying

One of the best advantages with IntSights is building that relationship with the IntSights team, their attention to detail, they listen to the customer and we can see the changes we requested in the tool.

Rick Rhodes

Enterprise Security Manager, BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina

What Gai is saying

We are using IntSights' platform to not only identify alerts, but also remediate. It gives us a full cycle with the threats that we are dealing with.

Gai Hanochi

Head of IT and Security, Fiverr

What Martin is saying

IntSights is particularly good at dealing with social media, especially looking after our VIPs where we see people trying to replicate their profiles. There are so many outlets now, it's not just Facebook. It's very good at that.

Martin Sloan

Head of Security, Drax

What Kobe is saying

Having IntSights, we have a broader look into dark corners of the internet we didn't have before.

Kobe Schwartz

Head of Cyberthreat Intelligence, Signify

Enterprises of all types and sizes use IntSights to detect and neutralize cyber threats across the clear, deep, and dark web.