Upgrade Your Threat Intelligence Program Part 6: Assess Cyber Risk for 3rd Party Organizations

We've reached the final strategy in our series, 6 Ways to Upgrade your Threat Intelligence Program. This final strategy focuses on your digital attack surface, which extends to any vendor or partner that you share data with. If they get breached, there’s a chance your data can be exposed, so it is critical to manage your partners, affiliates and vendors closely. Their risk is your risk, so you need to be able to quickly and accurately assess their cyber risk to ensure you’re minimizing your chance of a breach.

That's why our final strategy is: Assess Cyber Risk for 3rd Party Organizations. Find out how you can use threat intelligence to evaluate the risk of doing business with partners and strengthen your cyber supply chain.

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Assessing 3rd Party Cyber Risk

Over the last couple of years, we have seen many organizations affected by different types of TTPs. These attacks were not directed at them specifically, especially the nation-state attacks, but they were directed against other 3rd party organizations that were partnered or sharing data. This left these companies exposed and a victim to these attacks because of this 3rd party relationship.

It's critical that organizations understand the risks associated with partnerships, affiliates and data-sharing. Your partners' and vendors' risk is your own risk, so you need to be able to evaluate and manage this risk on an ongoing basis.

The good news is that the same intelligence and platforms that you use to manage risk for your business can be used to manage 3rd party risk. It's important to understand not just how your partners might be exposed, but also how they are being targeted by cybercriminals. That's why dark web and cyber threat intelligence are so critical to evaluating 3rd party cyber risk.

Using this intelligence can help you choose better vendors, help your existing partners strengthen their security position, and reduce your overall risk of a successful cyber attack.

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