Upgrade Your Threat Intelligence Program Part 4: Protect Your Brand and Customers

In part 4 of our blog series, we focus on: Expanding Protection to Your Customers and Your Brand. As corporate cyber defenses have become stronger and more efficient, threat actors have turned to what's typically the weakest link, the customer. Cybercriminals often impersonate popular brands online to dupe their loyal customers, and they've become very successful at it. These attacks take place outside of your firewall, so they can be difficult to detect, but you have a responsibility to your customers and your brand reputation to defend against these attacks.

Here is why organizations must expand their threat intelligence capabilities to identify external attacks that target customers through brand impersonation.

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Brand Impersonation Attacks

If you're a CISO or a security professional, one of your primary concerns is what's going on outside of your network. You're likely want to know about what is your company's exposure and how is your company being targeted. But you also want to know which threats are targeting your clients and customers?

Hackers realize that sometimes it's much easier to attack, for example, a bank's customer or somebody that has a banking app on their phone, rather than trying to hack the bank. So instead of launching a phishing campaign to bank employees, they might try developing a mobile app that mimics the bank's app or has malware installed in hopes of an unknowing customer downloading the malicious app. The same can be done for a popular retailer too. This mobile app can be anything from a Bitcoin miner to keystroke logger or something that takes full control over the phone.

Your customers may not even know the app is malicious, but if they do find out, they are not going to blame themselves, they are going to blame you. Therefore you need to be able to monitor application stores to identify and takedown these malicious apps before they are downloaded by your customers.

The same goes for social media. It's very easy to impersonate a company online, so companies must be vigilant about spotting and taking down fake social media profiles.

These customer-focused attacks can be incredibly damaging to brand reputation. Therefore, it's critical to not just monitor for brand impersonation, but to have access to takedown services as well so that they can be removed quickly.

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