Trump Riles Anonymous: Will U.S. and Israel Government Agencies Pay the Price?

When President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel last week, many feared that his announcement would lead to widespread violence and instability across the Middle East. The Arab League warned that, even though his decision “has no legal effect, (it) deepens tension, ignites anger and threatens to plunge the region into more violence and chaos.”

Thankfully, this feared escalation of tensions has so far been limited to protests and four tragic casualties. However, if hacktivist network Anonymous has its way, U.S. and Israeli government agencies may soon experience chaos of a different sort.

Earlier this week, SecBI’s researchers uncovered a target list of US and Israeli government institutions, attributed to Anonymous and hosted on a Dark Web paste site. The list urges readers to spam the organizations and hit them with data dumps, breaches and DDoS attacks. It also includes a url where Anonymous’s latest hacks and attacks can be downloaded.

Anonymous is well known for its DDoS attacks on government web sites, and this isn’t the group’s first campaign against Israel either. Its members engaged in "#OpUS" cyber-attacks of Israeli websites on Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) in 2013, and have threatened to cyber-attack the country on other occasions as well. However, it is difficult to predict how many of its members will take part in this latest initiative. We will keep you posted with pertinent updates.

  1. Government of Israel and United State, our patience is exhausted!
  2. No more words! Now only acts.
  3. Anonymous can't be silent when we see your actions.
  4. Now its Anonymous time.
  5. United State and Israel Government Target list. ( Main Attacks: Data Dump , Government Breach , Defacing , DDoSing )
  6. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Targets:
  8. = USA
  9. = Israel
  10. = USA
  11. = Israel
  12. = USA
  13. = Israel
  14. = USA
  15. = Israel
  16. = USA
  17. = Israel
  18. = USA
  19. = Israel
  20. = USA
  21. = Israel
  22. = Israel
  23. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  24. Start spamming and hitting these USA and ISRAEL Government targets with Data Dump , Government Breach and DDoSing.
  25. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  26. Spreading the #OpUSA + #OpIsrael with Defacing any .us and .il domains.
  27. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  28. Use the hash tags #OpUSA , #OpIsrael and #FreedomInWorld to see all the Anonymous posts on social media.
  29. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  30. Our latest Hacks and Attacks will be uploaded on
  31. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  32. Anonymous main deface page for OpUSA - OpIsrael code can be found here:
  33. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  34. We Are Anonymous,
  35. We Are Legion,
  36. We do not forgive,
  37. We do not forget
  38. Government of USA and Israel,
  39. Expect us.

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