Spark Your Splunk with IntSights

IntSights and Splunk offer integrated solutions that deliver superior external threat protection and operational intelligence to our joint customers. Together, IntSights and Splunk help enterprise security teams maximize the value of threat intelligence with comprehensive data collection, analytics, and enrichment. This powerful combination of cybersecurity technologies helps companies dismantle threats before they become full-fledged cyberattacks executing campaigns to steal sensitive data, compromise devices, and disrupt business operations.

Splunk helps SOC teams rapidly detect security incidents. IntSights threat intelligence, in the form of tailored alerts and enriched IOCs relevant to your business, is seamlessly ingested into your Splunk deployments (Enterprise and/or Splunk> Phantom ). Malicious IPs, hashes, domains, and social apps associated with attacks aimed at your digital assets are automatically fed to blocklists for immediate updating. This approach favors quality (context) over quantity, providing your security analysts with the data they need to focus on threats that matter. Phantom playbooks, which provide security practitioners with a comprehensive view of the response workflow, leverage IntSights intelligence to execute orchestrated response across the security stack.

Integration Benefits

  • External threat intelligence infused into existing security infrastructure
  • Real-time visibility into external threat environment
  • Tailored alerts mapped to impending attacks targeting your business
  • Enriched IOCs prioritized according to risk context, severity, and relevance
  • Actionable threat intelligence that triggers playbook-driven orchestrated response
  • One-click remediation and instant takedowns of malicious web content

Read the IntSights + Splunk Solution Brief to learn more about how augmenting your SIEM and SOAR solutions with embedded external threat intelligence enables you to proactively defend and neutralize threats at the source.

We’re excited to announce the availability of our new Splunk Enterprise and Phantom apps. IntSights Splunk apps allow you to drop our dashboards right into your Splunk deployments and create orchestrated responses.

Download the IntSights App for Splunk Enterprise

Download the IntSights App for Phantom

Learn more about IntSights integrations for Splunk at Splunk .conf in Las Vegas next week, October 21-24! Visit us at Booth #158 for a live demo of our Enterprise and Phantom apps.

Learn how to maximize the value of your Splunk deployments with our market-leading External Threat Protection Suite.

Attend the IntSights Breakout Session, The CISO’s Guide to Shutting Down Attacks Using the Dark Web + Live Dark Web Tour, on Wednesday, October 23, 4:15-5:00 pm

Nick Hayes, VP of Strategy at IntSights, will take you on a tour of the dark web and explain how CISOs can successfully implement a dark web intelligence strategy to neutralize threats outside the wire and at the earliest stages of the cyber kill chain. Learn how you can take advantage of IntSights external threat intelligence through seamless integrations with your Splunk SIEM and Phantom toolsets.

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