Phishing business model evolves - a research into phishing as-a-Service (PhaaS)

We are proud to announce the release of a collaborative research project that we’ve conducted with the cybersecurity company Imperva.

The purpose of the research was to examine the mechanism of a typical phishing campaign, and evaluate phishing from a financial point-of-view: how much would it cost to run a successful campaign? What is the profit from these campaigns? How does the black market facilitates this phenomena?

Using IntSights ongoing persistent presence in the darknet, our researchers, along with Imperva researchers managed to attribute the phishing campaign to an Indonesian hacking group, which is still active on a dedicated IRC channel.

Together we came to a final conclusion that the "As-a-Service" trend has now reached the phishing market - a fact which lowers phishing costs, makes it far more profitable and probably suggests proliferation in phishing campaigns in the year to come "

For the complete research please click here.

This post was written by Ido Wulkan, intelligence team leader at IntSights

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