New Wipro Report: State of Cybersecurity 2018

2017 was a historic year for cybersecurity. The estimated number of records stolen through 2017 doubled from 2016 (from 1.38 billion to 2.7 billion). In addition, the world was hit with unprecedented ransomware attacks, like WannaCry (which we just celebrated the 1 year anniversary of). This has caused organizations to re-think how they approach cybersecurity and allocate their budgets. It's also caused cybercriminals to shift their tactics and tools when planning and launching cyber attacks.

Wipro recently published their State of Cybersecurity 2018 Report, which provides an overview of the existing cybersecurity landscape and how organizations are currently protecting themselves. IntSights is proud to be one of the key contributors to this year's report.

The State of Cybersecurity 2018: Report Overview

The report is broken into four key sections:

  1. The State of Attacks, Breaches & Laws: This section features secondary research findings about globally reported data breaches of 2017, weapons of cyber destruction monitored through Wipro’s CDCs, active APT groups, vulnerabilities in security products and the cybersecurity regulatory landscape across 18 countries.
  2. The State of Defense Mechanisms: This section features interesting insights and findings from the survey conducted with CISOs about the state of security management and governance, data security, application security, network security, endpoint security, security monitoring and analytics, cloud security and IOT security in enterprises.
  3. The State of Collaboration: This section explores the extent of collaboration between enterprises and industry ecosystem in cybersecurity. Broadly, through primary research, we gathered insights on organizations’ threat intelligence, cyber-attack simulation exercise coordination, information sharing and cyber insurance practices.
  4. The Future of Cybersecurity: This section focuses on the future and is largely based on secondary research and viewpoints derived from within cybersecurity practice and partners. The topics covered range from quantum cryptography, blockchain and security automation for the future.

Download Wipro's report to learn more about the state of cybersecurity.

The State of Cybersecurity 2018

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