IntSights Threat Command Now Available Through the ALSO Cloud Marketplace

Democratizing Threat Intelligence for the SMB and SME Markets

This week IntSights and ALSO Holding AG launched a new partnership that presents an exciting opportunity for ALSO’s 9,000+ channel partners and the businesses they serve. Now, through the ALSO Cloud Marketplace, channel partners can extend their solution sets with IntSights Threat Command to provide business-critical external threat intelligence to small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

SMB and SME security leaders have limited resources and visibility. Their teams are continuously inundated with uncontextualized threat alerts, most of which don’t directly impact their organizations. As a result, they spend valuable time manually sifting through excessive data, or they simply focus on other priorities. Either way, SMBs and SMEs are missing the opportunity to prioritize and dismantle the most critical threats posing the greatest risk to their companies.

IntSights Threat Command is the first-of-its-kind technology to become available via the ALSO Cloud Marketplace. Leveraging unique cyber reconnaissance capabilities and proprietary data-mining algorithms, Threat Command continuously monitors and mitigates emerging external threats that directly target the organization. Mapping to the company’s unique brand and digital assets, we identify, analyze, and prioritize relevant threats to the business.

IntSights helps SMBs and SMEs enhance their cybersecurity and improve resilience by covering critical use cases, including:

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