IntSights Recognized by Forrester for Threat intelligence Platform

Earlier this week, Forrester released their State of the Threat Intelligence Platform Market, Q3 2018 Report. In this report, they provided an overview of the market for Threat Intelligence Platforms, and listed 10 companies they felt were the most important vendors in this industry. IntSights is excited to be identified as one of the three most widely adopted commercial Threat Intelligence Platforms in the market. Here's a bit more about the report and how the threat intelligence market has evolved.

Choosing a Threat Intelligence Platform

As digital footprints expand and hacker TTPs evolve, organizations are faced with an abundance of threat information. Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIPs) help security teams centrally manage these various sources of threat information and push information and action to other tools or devices. The report states that TIPs have three common capabilities that define the market:

  • Aggregate feeds from various sources of threat intelligence
  • Manage and enrich threat intelligence
  • Tactically integrate threat data into security operations

When it comes to selecting a TIP vendor, Josh Zelonis, Security & Risk Analyst at Forrester, offers this advice: "TIPs (Threat Intelligence Platforms) offer critical functionality for gathering, managing, and operationalizing threat intelligence. Make sure your vendor selection criteria heavily weighs long-term viability before investing in, and building processes around, any particular offering."

When IntSights was founded in 2015, we were the first threat intelligence platform to combine tailored threat intelligence based on a customers’ digital footprint with threat aggregation, normalization and scoring capabilities. This fusion delivered actionable intelligence, enabling organizations to proactively and automatically mitigate vulnerabilities, take-down external threats and reduce their attack surface reduction. Today, IntSights is a leader in the TIP market, with hundreds of customers and partners globally.

Many first-generation TIPs have left customers unfulfilled and fighting to demonstrate value to the business. We’ve set our sights higher and built a foundational, big data threat intelligence and mitigation platform that informs every aspect of an enterprises business and technical operations. We're excited to be recognized by Forrester and demonstrate our innovation and value realized by our customers.

To review Forrester Research’s ‘The State Of The Threat Intelligence Platform Market, Q3 2018’, please visit The full report is available to Forrester Research subscribers and for purchase.

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