IntSights Introduces Monitored Threats Page to Expand Suspicious Domain Visibility

Organizations have a tricky balance to strike when it comes to cyber threat intelligence. Many teams are overwhelmed with data, making it difficult to parse out real threats from benign activity. However, extensive data collection is crucial to ensure you can effectively identify threats early in the cyber kill chain. So, how do you strike the right balance of identifying real, validated threats without overlooking key data you need to proactively investigate ongoing suspicious activity?

IntSights is excited to release our new Monitored Threats page to expand customers’ visibility into our suspicious domain monitoring. Find out how this new feature works and where you can take advantage.

IntSights strives to provide our customers with actionable, validated threat intelligence specific to their unique digital operations. As a result, we’ve hidden a lot of the background monitoring and analysis that we do to identify new cyber threats. Yet, this activity can be helpful when investigating the context and severity of a potential threat.

Introducing Our New Monitored Threats Page

IntSights is excited to release our new Monitored Threats page to help our customers gain additional clarity and context on the severity of suspicious domains and improve overall threat response. This new page, within the Tailored Intelligence module, will provide customers with direct visibility into IntSights’ monitoring and alerting algorithms, including all monitored phishing domains (even those not categorized as direct threats) and the specific variables used to assess the domain’s severity.

In addition, customers will also gain access to a new threat timeline, which aggregates ongoing changes to monitored threats to help security teams understand the evolution and severity level of specific threats.

Here is a brief overview of this new page and how it will help our customers.

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