IntSights Becomes a Cisco Security Technology Alliance Ecosystem Partner

What good is threat intelligence if you can’t take action on it? At IntSights, our goal is to help organizations operationalize their threat intelligence, which is why we’re highly focused on integrating our platform with leading security and technology solutions.

We’re excited to announce today that IntSights is now a Cisco Security Technology Alliance Ecosystem Partner! Here is what it means to our customers and partners.

IntSights’ tailored threat intelligence provides actionable and relevant alerts specific to a customer’s environment. Customers with Cisco FirePower Management Center (CFMC) and Cisco Threat Intelligence Director (CTID) can now leverage IntSights threat intelligence for automating security configuration updates allowed by policy enforcement rules. This will help users take action quicker based on discovered threats and automate the mitigation process to reduce overall risk.

For Cisco CFMC and CTID customers that aren’t using IntSights, here’s how IntSights can help enhance your existing security processes.

  • Threat intelligence tailored to your specific environment, digital assets and customers
  • Cisco-validated threat intelligence data sharing with STIX and TAXII
  • IOC (Indicator of Compromise) enrichment by internal research analysts
  • Automated remediation capabilities for third party security technologies
  • Deep intelligence collected via public, private, industry and in-house sources

If you’d like to read more about how to strengthen your cybersecurity defenses, you can check out Cisco’s blog post here.


We’re always looking for new ways to help our customers work more efficiently and leverage their existing technology solutions. With our announcement today, organizations using CFMC, CTID and IntSights Enterprise Threat Intelligence and Mitigation platform can now leverage a comprehensive, flexible and tailored solution to reduce response times for threat vulnerability protection with enriched data and automated remediation.

Looking to implement a threat intelligence solution in the near future? Here’s a framework you can use to build a threat intelligence RFP.


Threat Intelligence RFP Development Framework

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