IntSights Announces Revolutionary Application for Splunk

IntSights is proud to introduce the latest addition to our technology integrations portfolio: the IntSights Application for Splunk, now available in Splunkbase. This partnership between the market’s only all-in-one External Threat Protection Suite and the world’s most deployed SIEM solution empowers joint customers to seamlessly access enterprise-specific threat intelligence from IntSights directly within existing Splunk deployments.

The new IntSights App for Splunk introduces a revolutionary approach for connecting threat intelligence from multiple sources across the clear, deep, and dark web with a customer’s Splunk environment. The IntSights app is a unique bidirectional integration that correlates, enriches, and manages organization-specific vulnerabilities, and offers the ability to easily conduct comprehensive IntSights-driven investigations… all within Splunk.

IntSights for Splunk enables SOC teams to:

  • Expand real-time visibility of threat actors and malware targeting the enterprise’s digital assets
  • Generate automatic alerts for relevant active indicators in an organization’s network environment
  • Seamlessly conduct advanced IntSights investigations from within the app
  • Accelerate informed decision-making and automate incident response
  • Instantly identify and rapidly remediate critical threats before business impact

Download the IntSights App for Splunk, which can be installed either in the cloud or on-prem for both Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Enterprise Security (ES). For additional information, watch the IntSights for Splunk demo.

Mark your calendar for the upcoming IntSights for Splunk webinar with joint customer Novartis on October 27 at 11 AM ET. Check our Resources/Webinars page for registration details in a couple of weeks.

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