IntSights and Symantec: External Threat Protection for Proactive Cyber Defense

Symantec Cybersecurity

IOC Enrichment

IntSights and Symantec are partnering to integrate actionable threat intelligence into endpoint, email, web, network, and cloud security systems. This powerful combination of cybersecurity technologies helps organizations rapidly detect, prioritize, and block threats across the clear, deep, and dark web before they become attacks that disrupt business operations, compromise networks, and damage brand reputation.

Perimeter and endpoint security devices provide critical threat data and generate valuable alerts for security teams, but translating alerts into actionable intelligence remains a challenge. Understanding how, when, and where attacks are likely to strike is a critical element of the equation. Effectively combating increasingly savvy adversaries requires strategic integration of internal security devices and external threat protection for a comprehensive cyber defense.

Integration Customer Benefits

  • Broad visibility into external threat environment
  • Continuous threat monitoring
  • Automated threat blocking
  • Actionable threat intelligence
  • Tailored threat feeds, alerts, and reports linked to enterprise digital assets
  • External threat intelligence embedded into existing SecOps for improved performance
  • Enriched IOCs prioritized for investigation based on risk context, severity, and relevance
  • One-click remediation of targeted threats

Together, IntSights and Symantec give enterprise security teams 360-degree threat visibility, analytics, and automated remediation—the tools required to rapidly detect and neutralize external threats wherever they reside, inside the network or outside the wire. Learn more about the IntSights + Symantec integration in this Solution Brief.

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