IntSights and Check Point Partner to Deliver Threat Intelligence Capabilities for Thwarting Cyber Attacks

IntSights and Check Point Partner to Deliver Threat Intelligence Capabilities for Thwarting Cyber Attacks

IntSights’s real-time, accurate threat intelligence is now integrated with Check Points Security suite to mitigate cyber threats.

IntSights, a leading intelligence-driven security provider for cyber threats from the dark, deep and open web, today announced a partnership with Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ:CHKP). As part of this partnership, Check Point will integrate IntSights’s cyber threat intelligence platform with its security suite. The combined offering will help customers leverage real-time threat intelligence to detect and remediate cyber threats.

Organizations consume endless amounts of information, but due to lack of context and automation they fail to create a cohesive view and act upon it. Often a crucial piece of intelligence is left unutilized due to an analyst’s error or is simply lost in the siloed data stream.

“In the constant battle against cyberattacks, Check Point leverages threat intelligence and rapid response capabilities through our Next Generation Firewalls and SandBlast Zero-Day Protection," said Alon Kantor, vice president of business development, Check Point. "Our partnership with IntSights’s intelligence adds additional capabilities and actionable intelligence that will help customers respond to attacks quicker."

IntSights provides extensive intelligence coverage that is easy to understand and act upon by a single analyst. This joint product offering will provide advanced warning and customized insight for customers, as well as continue to improve on and increase automated security and threat remediation.

"The IntSights platform is crucial in finding, detailing, reporting and understanding all of the potential Internet risks that face our business,” said Rob Duchscher, Chief Information Officer, Starkey Hearing Technologies. “The IntSights platform is complementary to the Check Point security suite and helps provide end-to-end protection - from the external to the internal network”.

This cooperation between IntSights and Check Point also extends the companies’ existing research collaboration. Through intelligence cooperation, IntSights will complement Check Point’s current research capabilities, collecting information from the many difficult-to-penetrate, closed communities and forums on the dark web.

“We are pleased to work alongside an industry leader like Check Point,” said Guy Nizan, CEO, IntSights. “This newly formed partnership will provide long-term benefits for both parties and will provide added value to our customers. In addition, the opportunity for intelligence and research cooperation will be an advantage for both companies.”

The two companies recently have produced joint research projects, including “An overview of the ransomware phenomenonand “CerberRing: An In-Depth Exposé on Cerber Ransomware-as-a-Service.” The latter, published last month, sheds new light on the Cerber ransomware, one of the most prominent ransomware variants.

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