Introducing Intsights for Financial Services

Over the past year and half, we've seen a number of significant shifts to the threat landscape, particularly for financial services organizations. These changes will be outlined in our Financial Services Threat Landscape Report (July 2018), which will be published in the coming weeks. As the threat landscape continues to evolve, so too must threat intelligence solutions. Today, we're excited to announce IntSights for Financial Services, a new threat intelligence and fraud detection solution designed to help financial services and banking organizations anticipate direct threats, reduce fraud costs and protect their customers.

IntSights for Financial Services: Solution Overview

At IntSights, we're all about helping organizations turn threat intelligence into security action. This means providing organizations with relevant and actionable threat intelligence that specifically relates to their company, their customers and their industry. We crawl and monitor millions of sources across the clear, deep and dark web to gather threat data and collect attack indicators based on an organization's brand, assets, applications, employees, customers and supply chain. As the cyberattack surface continues to expand, we believe it is critical to provide our clients with tailored and actionable threat intelligence, rather than generic feeds and alerts.

The new IntSights for Financial Services solution builds on our existing threat intelligence capabilities by incorporating financial-specific digital assets (e.g. BINs, SWIFT Codes, Account Numbers) and new sources into the IntSights cyber risk analytics algorithm, enabling users to:

  • Leverage active SWIFT code monitoring against fraudulent activities
  • Uncover compromised bank accounts
  • Identify stolen credit cards
  • Discover hacked client bank account logins
  • Leverage dedicated research and analysis from a large repository of threat sources specifically related to sharing financial information and/or planning attacks against financial organizations

In addition, customers can integrate IntSights for Financial Services threat intelligence into existing fraud management systems and security enforcement devices to automate the mitigation and remediation process once threats are discovered.

To learn more about the new IntSights for Financial Services solution, click here to request a personalized demo.

Financial Services Threat Landscape Report (July 2018)

In the coming weeks our team will be releasing our Financial Services Threat Landscape Report (July 2018). This report will provide a comprehensive overview of the current threat landscape for financial services and banking organizations, key trends in cybercriminal Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) based on activity collected by the IntSights platform, and predictions for how these threats will evolve throughout 2018 and into 2019.

Our team is currently finalizing the report, but we have created a pre-registration page, allowing you to sign up to receive the report once it's published. Click here to pre-register and receive your copy when the report is ready.

IntSights for Financial Services is the next step in our journey to help our clients protect against the threats that are most costly and dangerous to their industry. We're excited about this new solution and new research, and look forward to continue evolving our platform to enable our customers to stay a step ahead of their cyber-adversaries.

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