How to Automate the Discovery and Takedown Process for Brand Attacks

Your company’s brand is one of its greatest assets. That’s why cybercriminals and scammers are increasingly targeting well-known corporate brands, running cybercrime campaigns and exploiting unaware consumers. By masquerading as familiar brands in popular channels – social media, mobile apps, online stores, etc. – threat actors can easily trick users into entering their credentials and financial information or downloading malicious software programs.

In recent years, we have seen substantial year-over-year increases in suspicious social media profiles across a number of industries, to the tune of 56.7 percent in retail, 120 percent in automotive, and 66.7 percent in financial services. These organizations have a responsibility to protect their customers from these attacks, and must diligently monitor these channels to ensure their brands are not being impersonated or infringed upon.

IntSights recently hosted a webinar to break down how organizations can protect themselves – and their customers – from this kind of malicious brand impersonation. Here are some of the key topics we covered:

  • Examples of common brand attacks used by cybercriminals
  • Which channels and sources need to be monitored
  • How to spot malicious campaigns that target your brand(s)
  • Requirements for submitting takedown requests and cease and desists

You can watch the full video on demand below. Keep reading for a synopsis of some of the biggest challenges organizations face today.

Key Challenges in Identifying and Taking Down Brand Attacks

The problem for security teams when trying to mitigate a brand attack is they have no control over the external sources playing host to the cybercriminal activity at hand. These attacks are not directed at their systems, so perimeter security solutions (i.e. firewalls, antivirus) do nothing to defend against these attacks. So, how can security teams handle this type of indirect attack? Here are some of the biggest challenges organizations face when defending against brand attacks:

  • Visibility: Cyber threat intelligence teams often struggle to find threats targeting their organizations because of the breadth and depth of sources available to them. They may also have trouble accessing closed groups that are hard to infiltrate.
  • Benign vs. Suspicious vs. Malicious:
  • Speed of Remediation: The biggest question posed by brand attacks is, “can you get this taken down?” To successfully remediate a brand threat, you must find evidence of malicious intent or infringement and meet a set of takedown prerequisites.

For a full overview of how to automate discovery and takedown of brand attacks, watch the webinar on demand.

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