Digital Risk Protection for Dummies: Protecting Your Organization in the Digital Age

You can hardly visit a news source these days without hearing another frightening story about cybersecurity risks. A huge hack here, big fraud attack there, thousands or millions of people’s credentials and personal information exposed. It’s a wonder cybersecurity professionals can sleep at night. It’s like the Wild West out there, except that the bad guys don’t have to gallop into town and kick in the saloon doors to threaten you. They’re using back alleys, hidden tunnels, and secret networks of the Internet to coordinate their attacks, and they could be anywhere in the world.

Here is how Digital Risk Protection (DRP) is changing the way organizations’ protect themselves in the digital age, and what you can learn in our new Digital Risk Protection for Dummies eBook.

What is Digital Risk Protection?

Anybody who spends even a little time in front of the television or in a movie theater knows something about gathering intelligence. Police departments and government agencies gather intelligence all the time, cultivating sources and keeping an eye on threats.

The whole point is to try to prevent some kind of harm in the future, and keep one step ahead of the bad guys. That’s the objective of cyber threat intelligence, too. With that kind of intelligence in hand, your organization can take protective action before a cyberattack happens.

What a lot of people don’t realize about cyberattacks is that they don’t happen out of the blue all that often. People are behind these attacks, searching black markets, hanging around in chat rooms, exchanging data, and using collaboration tools. Before these cybercriminals launch an attack, they’re busy preparing, for days or even weeks. Their activities can be used as warning signs of an impending attack, if you’re on the lookout.

Effective DRP solutions are based on this premise that organizations can use cybercriminal activity to their advantage to identify attacks before they happen. The other key premise is that your organization needs more specific and proactive intelligence that’s not provided by IOCs and noisy threat feeds. Those serve a purpose, but they can distract from the ultimate goal of detecting and mitigating external cyber threats that target your business. Rather than solely being a threat intelligence repository or database, DRP platforms use algorithms and multidimensional reconnaissance capabilities to continuously find, track, and analyze threats.

The Four Quadrants of Digital Risk Protection

There are four distinct stages that together form the backbone of effective DRP (and all conveniently begin with the letter “M”). A platform that employs these quadrants is your best bet for proactively detecting and protecting against external cyber threats.

  • Map: You must understand your digital attack surface to know how and where threat actors might attack your organization. This quadrant includes an assessment of your digital assets that creates a foundation for how you monitor cybercriminal activity for threats.
  • Monitor: Here’s where your solution scours the web to monitor sources and uncover threats. Effective DRP solutions must be able to translate millions of data points into actionable business intelligence, which can be done through multidimensional threat analysis, digital footprint contextualization, and threat evolution tracking.
  • Mitigate: Here’s where your DRP solution swings into action to take down and/or block the external threat. A good solution helps you automate the threat mitigation process and allows you to extend your cybersecurity support to other departments and company initiatives.
  • Manage: Finally, managing the DRP solution takes place across all three stages (the first three bullets in this list) but is the key to running an effective DRP program. This includes implementing policies, additional threat research and human intelligence, as well as enriching IOCs and prioritizing vulnerabilities.

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