Dark Web Slang and Other Tips for Navigating the Dark Web

For those tasked with protecting corporations and employees from cyber threats, the dark web can be a goldmine of information. But despite this fact, just 1 in 7 IT security professionals have ever visited the dark web in an effort to improve their enterprise’s security.

Learning how to monitor the dark web effectively can enable you to identify attacks before they happen, track down insider threats, and know when your information or the information of key suppliers or partners has been compromised.

Navigating the Dark Web

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Unlike the clear web, you can’t just stumble upon the dark web by accident. You need special equipment and someone to point you in the right direction. If you’ve never visited the dark web, you’ll need to download the latest Tor Browser. Installation is simple but for this blog, we’re going to assume you have Tor installed.

While Tor aims to provide secure and anonymous communication, this does not make it safe so below are a few tips and tricks we’ve gathered and recommend you follow when first beginning to leverage the dark web for enterprise security.

  1. Take Basic Precautions:

Just like you wouldn’t drive into a bad neighborhood with the top down and doors unlocked, you don’t want to access the dark web from a vulnerable computer. Disabling Javascript, Flash and Java applications and leveraging a Virtual Machine provide a basic level of protection that everyone should take.

  1. Know What You’re Looking For:

The dark web is an expansive and potentially dangerous place. As security professionals, we highly recommend you clearly define the type of data and information (Malware, Scam Tools, Insider Threats) you are looking for before venturing into the dark web. Having a clear focus on the specific information you are seeking to monitor will make it easier for you to find what you are looking for and save you from visiting or discovering things you did not wish to uncover.

  1. Don’t Search, Find a Guide:

Search engines dominate the clear web due to their ability to crawl links from site to site. world wide web. The dark is very different, 87% of web sites, never link to another site making them essentially impossible to index.Indexes tend to be more reliable and safer as you are not entering a query but rather simply copying links from a repository.

  1. Don’t be yourself, no one else is:

The dark web works on anonymity, don’t lose yours by using a pseudonym that could used to identify yourself. Avoid names, dates, places, or terms that anyone could use to identify who you are, where you work, or where you may live. You don’t want the dark web to come knocking.

  1. Don’t Walk Till You Can Talk the Talk:

Like any other community or neighborhood, the dark web has it’s own language that is used to describe things, conduct business and label people. Using the wrong language or not picking up on what people are saying can be a clear giveaway that you’re a dark web noob or make people suspicious or hesitant to share information. Before jumping into a forum or threat, take some time to make sure you understand the lingo and are ready to match the style of conversation used. To give you an example, below are some common terms used by Russian hackers in dark web forums.

Common Russian Hacker Terms






To Hack









A money laundering method in which both the card owner and sender are criminally liable



Cash money

обнал обналичка


Illegal cash out



No-Cash Payment

Dark Web Monitoring and Enterprise Security

Establishing dark web monitoring capabilities and processes or ensuring your organization leverages the help of experts or services such as IntSights is becoming more and more essential as corporate systems become increasingly vulnerable to credential theft and insider threats, and use of third party SaaS providers opens up new sources of vulnerability.

At IntSights, our team has spent years living on the dark web working for government intelligence agencies and some of the world’s largest financial institutions to stay one step ahead of the enemy.

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