Cyber Threat Visibility to the Power of IntSights

It doesn't take an elite cyber analyst nor a seasoned security professional to see the far-reaching effects of digital transformation and its repercussions on organizations big and small. With new technologies, services, and a plethora of network infrastructures and underlying configurations, it would seem as though something is constantly looming in the shadows – something that directly impacts your organization's security posture. This growing concern means that risk and vulnerability alerts, on top of hundreds and thousands of daily events, end up as white noise – or worse yet, ignored altogether as a result of overtaxed teams and systems.

It's a well-known phenomenon and a real challenge. On the one hand, one-time generic threat and vulnerability scans lack real context, are highly time-consuming, and do not scale. On the other, frequent monitoring of multiple threat intelligence feeds may result in the law of diminishing returns, simply put, SOC and security teams finding themselves buried in lists over lists of vulnerability patches and un-contextualized CVSS scores.

IntSights’ vision revolves around making external threat intelligence instantly accessible for organizations of any type or size. More specifically, we synthesize complex signals captured from across the clear, deep, and dark web into contextualized, prioritized, and actionable intelligence—all within existing tools and webpages to proactively reduce risk.

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce IntSights Extend™ — our new browser extension that identifies and risk-prioritizes vulnerabilities and other IOCs directly within existing tools and webpages.

Access the Power of the IntSights Platform via Any Browser

IntSights Extend™ makes intelligence accessible directly from within your existing security solutions. It actively scrapes domains, URLs, IP addresses, file hashes, email addresses, and CVEs to deliver contextualized risk-prioritized alerts at the click of a mouse. By layering real-time enriched threat intelligence over any web-based application, security professionals can investigate and prioritize IOCs within any web-based resource including articles, social media channels, and SIEM platforms. As a result, teams can perform end-to-end investigations and analysis, all to proactively prioritize response and minimize potential damage.

Primary Use Cases

While there are multiple use cases in which IntSights Extend™ can enhance your existing security program, here are three high-impact examples to consider as you get started:

  1. Accelerate threat research and reporting with contextual evidence: Security analysts spend hours manually researching threats by copying, pasting, and pivoting on threat data from news articles, blogs, SIM information, and social media. IntSights Extend helps triage alerts in real time by automatically parsing , enriching , and risk-prioritizing IOCs and CVEs with “mouse-over” details – all directly from existing solutions.
  2. Identify and understand the potential impact of threat indicators specifically targeting your infrastructure: When a new threat is discovered in the wild, security teams need to know as soon as possible if the attackers have already penetrated their network. The IntSights browser extension allows your teams to dynamically assess your risk by automatically mapping detected threat indicators compared within your environment and infrastructure.
  3. Prioritize action based on real-time risk scores: Risk and security professionals are faced with massive volumes of new threat data daily and are required to quickly triage it to assess its nature and the potential risk it poses. The IntSights browser extension makes intelligence accessible and easy to consume outside of the IntSights platform via any browser. It transforms raw technical data into risk-prioritized intelligence that your teams can quickly evaluate and immediately act on.

Even your security and risk cyber heroes need a boost from time to time...Download the datasheet to find out how you can supercharge threat research capabilities!

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