Cyber criminals become cheekier, offer stolen credit cards directly on LinkedIn

No need to access the darknet - Cybercriminals now offer stolen credit card details directly on LinkedIn.

We all know that the Darknet hosts many shady characters and many illegal marketplaces. It’s a general convention that if you install TOR browser and go looking for some questionable stuff you will find what you want on the darknet, be it hardcore porn or stolen credit card numbers. The public perception of the Darknet is so negative that 7 out of roughly 7 in 10 people favor shutting down the Dark Web. Given the overwhelming bad reputation of the darknet, its no wonder cybercriminal will look for other ways to sell illegal good.

Aiming at a much broader audience, one very cheeky cybercriminal opened a profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, and offer to sell directly to customers.

Cybercriminal profile on LinkedIn
Cybercriminal profile on LinkedIn

The profile is labeled “seller good” (,

with the sub title: ICQ: 663157697 --> Sell cvv/transfer WU/Bank login/Paypal/Dump Track 1 or 2) and the profile contains link to the following LinkedIn pulse post, which elaborates regarding the persona and the goods:

(we usually don’t post actual links in our articles, but in this case it’s simply a harmless LinkedIn profile and post)

Western nUnion Transfer for LinkedIn Scam

- Welcome all customers worldwide
- I'm ready to introduce my private service, we been working in private over 7 years. Now are here!
- I'm hacker, good seller, best tools, sell online 24h
- I'm want introduce to you my services and sell fresh CC (visa/master,amex,dis,bin,dob,fullz..) all country, Dumps track 1&2, Account paypal,SMTP, RDP, VPS, Mailers, do WU transfer and Software Bug Transfer WesternUnion

- I'm sale cvv fresh - fast and good price
- And i need good buyer for business long-term

- Gmail: [email protected]
- Yahoo: sellergood1234
- ICQ : 663157697

This guy is not alone- another criminal calling himself “THUY (Selling Full Info) PHAM THI THU“ and adds he “sell cvv,buy cvv online, buy dumps, sell cvv dob, sell cvv dumps, sell cvv full paypal, sell cvv online, buy cvv online sell dumps, good dumps, best” (see link to his profile here)


The profile offers many forms of communication (Email, chat, etc.) and promises quality “Fullz”(meaning full credit card details).

It is an interesting trend that reflects the criminals growing need for exposure and traffic. We can only hope LinkedIn will be diligent in blocking and removing these profiles (we’ll do our share and report them of course).

This post was written by IntSighst intelligence analyst, Nethanel Ribco.

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