IntSights + Carbon Black: Stay Proactive with Automated Threat Blocking

Carbon Black and IntSights have joined forces to combine next-gen endpoint security solutions with powerful external threat intelligence. This potent integration of cybersecurity technologies gives enterprises the protection they need to proactively detect and block threats before they become attacks that disrupt business operations, compromise networks, and damage brand reputation.

The cyber threat universe morphs by the minute as hackers continuously devise and deploy more complex, sophisticated and targeted attacks against organizations across every industry sector. Endpoint and SIEM platforms provide critical protection capabilities while also monitoring activity across the network. Yet, organizations need to look beyond their networks to identify suspicious activity and malicious campaigns before they are launched. Standing up a robust enterprise cybersecurity infrastructure to combat increasingly savvy adversaries requires strategic integration of external intelligence tools with internal blocking and monitoring for proactive and comprehensive digital risk protection.

IntSights Enterprise Threat Intelligence Platform

IntSights fuels a proactive cyber defense strategy by transforming external threat reconnaissance into automated security action. IntSights continuously scours the clear, deep and dark web to identify emerging risks, correlates millions of threat data points, and delivers contextual insights about specific threats to your organization.

IntSight Platform Features and Capabilities

  • Ingests, aggregates and analyzes millions of external interactions and suspicious indicators
  • Continuously monitors and updates enterprise digital footprint and external risk profile
  • Automates threat blocking by enriching and pushing IOCs and suspicious IPs, domains, hashes and apps to endpoint security devices
  • Correlates tailored threat intelligence with endpoint data for customized high-priority alerts and real-time focused protection

Carbon Black + IntSights = Proactive Threat Defense

The IntSights Enterprise Threat Intelligence Platform fuses with Carbon Black’s highly scalable CB Response EDR solution to deliver broad visibility into today’s constantly evolving cybercrime ecosystem. IntSights feeds customized actionable intelligence to Carbon Black endpoints, and automated alerts are sent to CB Response based on the customer’s risk-based security policy rules. After the threat is mitigated, security teams can use CB Response to develop and implement automated threat response action plans.

This integration allows organizations to investigate and understand attacker strategy, motivation, tactics and targets, and discover early warning signs to improve detection and dismantle impending attacks specifically designed to exploit their perimeter defenses.

Together, IntSights and Carbon Black help organizations increase threat visibility, identify attacks early, proactively block threats, and reduce enterprise cyber risk. Proactively protect your organization’s systems, technology, and people from cyberattacks with this powerful integration of external intelligence with next-generation endpoint protection.

Check out the demo below to learn more about how Carbon Black and IntSights provide the focused protection your organization requires for today’s continuously evolving threat landscape.

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