Are Cyber Criminals Stacking The Deck Against The Gaming & Leisure Industry?

In today's world of cyber threat vulnerability and prevalence, it may seem as though cyber criminals have little rhyme or reason to their attacks. With so many companies and their customers at risk, what are the gold-mine industries that are being targeted by cyber criminals?

With U.S. casinos and the makers of the games found inside them having a $240 billion economic impact, the industry has inevitably accumulated one of the highest overall risk postures for cyber attacks. The Gaming & Leisure industry's threat vulnerability can be assessed by the availability of threats across the clear, deep and dark web such as leaked credentials, stolen employee information, exposed internal login pages, and registered fake or phishing domains.

But with so many different threats circulating the web, what are the specific types that have posed the greatest risk to this goliath industry over the last six months and what exactly do those threats mean?

Fake or Phishing Domains

A fake or phishing domain is a suspicious domain that can be used for malicious activity against a company, its employees and customers. According to our industry threat report that analyzed data from hacking forums, black markets, leaked databases, closed groups in IM platforms, search engines and the websites of major companies in the industry, fake or phishing domains are one of the most prevalent threats to the gaming & leisure industry across the clear, deep and dark web. Read more >

Carding Scams

A carding scam is the trafficking of credit card, bank account and other personal information online as well as related fraud services that can also include the procurement of details and money laundering techniques. Carding scams were the most prevalent threat discovered in IntSights' recent industry report. Read More >

Log-Ins with Money Balance for Sale

Another type of threat plaguing the Gaming & Leisure indsutry are the sale of company's internal login pages and corresponding data. Internal log-ins can be exposed and used by threat actors to infiltrate the company's network and harvest sensitive data. Read More >

Over the past six months, IntSights has anonymously searched the clear and dark webs to find threat intelligence on 30 leading gambling resorts, with the goal of better understanding which threats pose the greatest risk to the industry.

We discovered 191 fake or phishing domain, 345 carding scams and 141 log-ins with money balance for sale. Additional threats we uncovered include cash out methods, hacking tools and tutorials, stolen credit card numbers for cash out, scam guides on gambling resorts, VPN scams, POS hacking tools, casino chips and validated accounts for sale, free coins generators, DDoS attacks and more. If you are interested in learning more about how cyber threats are impacting the gaming & leisure industry, download the full report below.

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